Welcome to Sammy Health Portal

This web portal offers a convenient and secure method to view health related documentation submitted by your health provider.

To view these documents, please select the link at the top of the page or click here View Health Documents. This requires that you have a registered link between this account and your provider. Chances are you completed the necessary steps with your provider during your last visit. However, we've made registering your provider quite simple.

Contact your provider and request an authorization code and pin. Your provider will generate the related information and provide it to you. Once you have received your authorization code simply click here Register Provider Association. Enter the authorization code and pin and the link will be established between your account and your provider. Please keep in mind the authorization code will expire so please try to complete the process within 24 hours.

You can always complete the linking process in the office with your provider.

You may add multiple providers to your account, but you will need to register each of them.

If you need to make changes to your account, simply click Manage Account. You can modify your account information and update your password.

Welcome to Secure Messaging

This web portal also offers a way to view and respond to secure messages sent by your health care provider.

To view these messages, please select the link at the top of the page or click here Secure Messages.

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